Dr. Adnan Durrani, MD –

Passionate professional

Dr. Adnan Durrani is a highly-regarded, caring and compassionate psychiatrist specializing in:
*bipolar disorder,
*Substance Use Disorders,
*and various other life crises.

Dr. Durrani provides psychotherapy, CBT and medication, if necessary. He sees both adults and children. His patients are drawn to his friendly demeanor and appreciate the caring attention he gives to each person.

Dr Durrani does not participate in insurance plans and is out-of-network for psychiatry appointments. However, he sees patients on Fridays and has no waiting list to make an appointment at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: All new appointments are 60 minutes long. Follow-up appointments can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 45 minutes. 15 minute appointments are medication management only. 30 and 45 minute sessions include medication management and therapy sessions.

ALSO NOTE 2: For patients with ADHD, Dr. Durrani requires that you get neuropsychological testing done with a clinical psychologist before he will prescribe stimulants. If you already have testing documented, please bring this to your first appointment. Thank you

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